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> Submitting a ticket
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Click "Open a New Ticket" (1).

It is required to fill in our e-mail and our Name (2).

Select "Support in Greek" or "Support in English" (3) to state in which language we want to be served.


In "More information" (4), if we deem it necessary, we fill in a phone number as well as the Organization (public body, company, organization, etc.) that we come from. If we are members of the University of Athens, we fill in the department or service in which we study or work.


In Ticket Information we put a title (5) that describes our request clearly and in description (6) we try to analyze it quickly and concisely.

For our convenience, please select one or more topics (7) from the predefined list of options. If there is no topic that describes the problem, please select "Other".

Select the Library to which your request is addressed to (8).
If you are not contacting a Library but another service or office of the Library Directorate (eg Secretariat, Library Computing Center, etc.) please select "Other Department". 

Fill in the CAPTCHA text shown in the image. (9) The characters are ALWAYS in English and always in uppercase. "0" is always zero and never the letter "O".

Click Create Ticket (10)
to complete the process.


For the better tracking of your tickets we suggest that you register an account in our Helpdesk.

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